Air, 2005, Still from quicktime movie
my work is not about avatars; it is not about jennifer, julu, nikuko. my
work is not about sex or sexual objects. my writing floats through beings
and sexualities, floats through different worlds with different physics,
different neurophysiologies. my work is about the interrelationships among
the symbols employed to comprehend, elucidate, live within, the world -
and the consciousness which receives, transmits, and is constituted to
some degree by such symbols. my work exists between the symbolic and the
imaginary/fantasmic/uncanny - - more
Alan Sondheim
  2. Lives and works in New York, USA
  6. Video/Sound/Radiowork for Swiss Can-C.A.N. (Foofwa d'Imobilite)
  7.  performances in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, 2006
  8. E-Poetics Conference, forthcoming, WVU, 2006
  9. SLSA Conference, forthcoming, NY, 2006
  10. Performance Tyler School of Art, 2006
  11. 2 Performances at Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, California, 2005
  12. Presentation at California State University, Fullerton, 2005
  13. Sarah Lawrence performance/talk, 2005
  14. SLSA conference, Chicago, 2005
  15. Miami University (Ohio), 2005
  16. Grand Central Residency, Cal State Fullerton, Summer 2005
  17. Talk at Incubation III, 2004
  18. Talks at University of Illinois, 2005
  19. MIT presentation/performance, 2005
  20. Brown University performance, 2004
  21. Buffalo performance, 2004
  22. West Virginia residency with Virtual Environments Lab,
  23.  Center for Literary Computing, 2004, 2006
  24. Exhibition, WVU, 2004
  25. Associate Editor, Unstable Digest, Nettime, 2002-2004
  26. Incubation II committee, 2001
  27. Incubation III committee, 2003
  28. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery talk, 2003
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