entry: Sunday, April 2nd, 2006
Geert Dekkers’ main work is the website, subtitled “a drawing a day at”.
Every day at exactly 00:00 CET a drawing is published. The word “drawing” should not to be taken too literally, as most of the latest publications are digitally produced images. Others include javascripts and/or php scripts, flash  animations, and quicktime movies.
At, the word “drawing” refers to the drawing as plan or sketch. Most are of the format best known in art documentation -- an image with caption: title, year, description. The entire site is to be seen as a catalogue of yet-to-be-realised, perhaps-never-to-be-realised works of art, set in the equally ephemeral exhibition hall. is a work in progress. Every day, a step is taken in the exploration of the metaphors surrounding of the website as exhibition hall, the exhibition hall as a computer program, the exhibition hall community as culture, to name a few.
Reuten Gallery will present three recent publications from as DIN A0 (84 X 118 cm) unique ink-jet prints on DiBond panel. These are to be rebuilt entirely,  based on the original low-resolution web images.
Geert Dekkers
  1. Geert Dekkers, Artist, Web Programmer
  3. Shows (selection):
  4. 2003 Reuten Galerie, Amsterdam, drawings
  5. 2003 Wetering Galerie, Amsterdam, drawings
  6. 2000 Hotel, CBK Nijmegen, installation
  7. 1999 Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, installation
  9. Curating Projects
  10. 2006 Body Works, in Reuten Gallery Amsterdam
  11. 2003 Haal Verhaal, with Serge Onnen
  12. Teaching assignments
  13. 2005 Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
  14. 2004 Artless, Amsterdam
  15. 2003 Grafisch Media Instituut, Amsterdam
  16. 2000 AKI, Enschede
  18. Recent Articles
  19. 2004
  21. Included in:
  22. 2005 Drawings on Geology, compiled by Serge Onnen
  24. Publications
  25. 2002 a drawing a day at
  26. 1999 Untitled 1999 (website)
  27. 1998 Untitled Web Site, 1998
website: Geert Dekkers